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Southfielder Lookin' For Southfielder!

Southfield Messenger Home Page

Some of us old-school Southfielders are tryin' to locate some of our buddies from the past!! And as y'all know, after High-School, we all went in different directions, all over the place and lost contact with each other. Some of us stayed local, and some of us made a new Life somewhere else. So, to help us Locate some of our old school chums, I have created this particular web page with the hope that any viewer out there who knows of the whereabouts of that particular person, they will be able to provide some sort of contact info.

So, if YOU are "reaching" out to find somebody, please Enter Your 'Looking-For' Person Information Here to add your  Name/Email Address and the person's name you wish to contact, and I'll add YOUR name to the Drop-Down List below!! As Time passes by, the hope is that one day some viewer will come through and provide the Contact Info you need to find the person you're Looking For...! You'll just have to be patient.....Hey, this way is better than nothin huh! Let the Internet do the work...! And, one last note, BEFORE you add who you want to LOOK FOR, Please check the CONTACT LIST on the 1st web page, that person may have their EMAIL address here already, and you can contact them ASAP!

Once you've received Contact with the person you've been searching for, send me an email and I will REMOVE your "Looking For" Entry. Otherwise, I will leave this info out there until contact is made.