07/14/2022: 2022 SOUTHFIELD REUNION PICTURES ARE HERE!!!!! Thanks to Robin and All the fabulous committee members, for organizing a SAFE and ENJOYABLE Reunion this year, considering the Covid Pandemic we are in...! We can only hope and Pray, that this pandemic holds up, and we can do this again, YES, NEXT YEAR, 2023!!!! ....Mark
04/23/2022: All, the 2022 Southfield Reunion is NOW BACK ON!!!! the date is Satuday July 9, from 9:00am - 9:00pm. The unoffical start date is Friday July 8 for All set up and sound checks. Come and Enjoy the evening everyone and and it'll be so good to catch up with everyone Post Pandemic!!!! ....Mark
03/31/2021: All, the 2021 Southfield Reunion is still PENDING/TBD due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. As always, we will continue to provide updates. Until then, Please Stay Safe Everyone!! ....Mark

05/21/2020: !!!SOUTHFIELD REUNION FOR 2020 HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO THE COVID19 PANDEMIC!!! As you all can imagine, with so many businesses closed due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, this years Southfield Reunion, unfortunately had to follow suit, with other businesses, and shut down this year. Many thanks and Prayers for the people on the front lines, risking their lives, for the benefit of others, in all the work they do. These are times for people needing to come together, love one another, and for the Love of God, to shine through this pandemic, and to make many positives out from this difficult wordly outcome. During these unprecedented times, hopefully, we will have the 2021 Southfield Reunion, and we will play it by ear until then. Heck, who knows when/if a 2nd wave of this virus, or perhaps, a NEW virus, could come about. Only time will tell, and we should just, think positive, for us to be together, next year in 2021, God willing :-) Everyone, please, stay SAFE out there!

SEE YaALL Next Year, hopefully!! .......Mark

07/16/2019: 2019 SOUTHFIELD REUNION PICTURES ARE HERE!!!!! Well, I didn't make it last year to the 2018 Southfield Reunion, BUT, I did make it this year, and here they are!!!!! Enjoy them all folks, and always remember, to keep this Reunion going strong, we need those DONTATIONS to keep Coming in!!!!! Thank You all!!!! ....Mark
1/18/2019: 2003-2017 SOUTHFIELD REUNION PICTURES ARE HERE!!!!! For ALL of you that don't see the 2018 SR Pics, I am sorry, because I was unable to make it last year, hence why there is no pics. If anyone does have any 2018 Pics they would want posted here, please lemme know. Otherwise, I'll be there this year in July 2019 taking them, so, look forward for them to appear in due time!!! ....Mark
12/29/2017: 2003-2017 SOUTHFIELD REUNION PICTURES ARE HERE!!!!! For ALL of you that didn't make last years Reunion, please don't miss out on the 2018 Southfield Reunion!!!!! There will be MORE SURPRISES!!! And, Please keep those DONTATIONS Coming in!!! ....Mark
05/14/2017: 2003-2016 SOUTHFIELD REUNION PICTURES ARE HERE!!!!! Sorry this took so long, as I had misplaced the flash drive with all the Pictures I took last year, amd I am SO GLAD to have found it!!! Anyhoo, I Hope to see EVERYBODY at the 2017 Southfield Reunion!!!!! Please keep those DONTATIONS Coming in!!! ....Mark
03/08/2016: CLick Here to go to Log onto FACEBOOK!!! Lots of the latest goings on abount MANY of the ole 'Fielders, and what they are doing today, along with of course, anything poppin about the Reunion, can also be found on FACEBOOK!!! For example, this Year, the 2016 Southfield Reunion will be held on 2 days!!! That's right, 2 DAYS!!!! Both Friday July 8 and Saturday July 9!!! Double the Pleasure this time, for ALL the 'Fielders!!! ....Mark
03/08/2015: 2003-2015 SOUTHFIELD REUNION PICTURES ARE HERE!!!!! Hope to see EVERYBODY at the 2015 Southfield Reunion!!! It's 2 Days LONG THIS YEAR!!! Please keep those DONTATIONS Coming in!!! ....Mark
07/27/2011: Hello Everyone!! Yet ANOTHER Great and Fabulous Southfield Reunion for 2011!!! They continue to get Better, and Better, and BETTER!!! Each and every year, you will see someone, you haven't seen, in MANY MANY YEARS!!! And, it's ALL GOOD!!! Aint Nothing But LOVE at our Annual, Southfield Reunions!!! The Entertainment, Kids Games, Guest Speakers, so many other items, Continue to get better and BETTER ALSO!!! The 1 Item that was REPEATED many times, over the speaker system, to ALL our beloved 'Fielders is, DONATIONS!!!! Because this Annual Event has grown to the Size it is now, and with prices rising, IN ORDER TO KEEP THIS WONDERFUL EVENT GOING STRONG, WE NEED DONATIONS!!! IF WE DON'T GET THE MONEY WE NEED TO CONTINUE THIS EVENT, THERE MAY COME A TIME, WHEN WE MAY NOT HAVE THIS ANYMORE....! And, WOULD ANY OF YOU WANT THIS TO HAPPEN???? NO, as that will be a VERY SAD DAY for us ALL....!!!! So, EVERYONE, please keep in mind this VERY IMPORTANT Point going forward. We will continue to have FUND Raisers to help out, T-SHIRT Sales, etc, but, we NEED DONATIONS....! Also, please be patient with the Web Site PICTURES being posted, as I had encountered some HARD DRIVE Issues that I am still working through. I hope to have the website updated within the next 2 weeks, so, Stay Tuned....! Until then, please keep in mind the DONATIONS we need, and to be ready, for the 2012 Southfield Reunion!!!......Mark
01/18/2011: IT'S MEETING TIME!!! TIME TO PLAN FOR THE 2011 SOUTHFIELD REUNION!!! We need volunteers to help in the PLANNING and COORDINATION of our Southfield Reunions!! Here are the 2011 Scheduled Meeting Dates for any to attend: [Feb 19 at the Driving Park library from 2:00 to 4:00 pm / March 26 at the Driving Park Library from 2:00 to 4:00 pm] Our 1st meeting of 2011 was held last week, Saturday 01/15/2011 We Encourage ALL to attend these Meetings to MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD, and to Sign up to be a VOLUNTEER....Mark
01/18/2011: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE, ARE YOU READY for ANOTHER FABULOUS SOUTHFIELD REUNION!! WELL, of course you are, but going forward, it is going to take More Funds unfortunately. Without MONEY Donations, these ANNUAL Southfield Reunions will NOT be as they were in the PAST! It takes at least $15,000.00 to host a Southfield Reunion. So, as you see, it has become MORE than just showing up now, as we have to pay our way through FUNDS, DONATIONS, T-Shirt Sales, etc. We ALL know how the ECONOMY is now, and it has truly hit out beloved Southfield Reunions. Now, if EACH Family Donated $10.00 per household, we would go on to have a VERY SUCCESSFUL 2 days, as the HEALTH FAIR is Friday July 8th while the Reunion is held the next day on Saturday July 9th. Please call with ANY Donations. You can Donate ANYTIME, including NOW! Please Mail ALL Donations to: SOUTHFIELD REUNION C/O ROBIN SINKLER 2480 HOWEY RD. COLUMBUS, OHIO 43211. Make CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS PAYABLE TO SOUTHFIELD REUNION. THESE FUNDS WILL GO DIRECTLY INTO OUR ACCOUNT. Also, with the recent deaths of many of our family and friends from the 'Field, several people have asked us to inform others on Various Health Issues, and that is where the HEALTH FAIR comes in. More Donations as you can see...! So, If anyone has any questions, please feel free to call Robin Sinkler @ 614-203-4369 ....Mark
10/02/2010: Without Further Adeu, and sorry for the long delay, but now, the 2010 SOUTHFIELD REUNION PICTURES ARE NOW POSTED!!!!! Enjoy all the FUN!!! See if YOU are in Any Of 'Em or can pick out some long lost 'Fielders!!! ....Mark
07/26/2010: Hello fellow Southfielders, what ANOTHER EXCITING REUNION WE ALL HAD!!! Tents and Gazebos and Barbecue ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! So many People having FUN, all the TALENT on STAGE, JUST A MARVELOUS ALL-ROUND TIME!!! Words can NOT express the Love we all share with one another on this Special Annual Day!! To come here each year, to experience in seeing someone you haven't seen in AGES, is PRICELESS, simply PRICELESS....To see the smiles on everyone's faces, it's truly a JOY for us all!!!! We need to keep this great event going stronger each and every year, and we will continue to ask you all to please PARTICIPATE in these wonderful FUND RAISERS to help pay for the costs of our Southfield Reunions!! We TRULY APPRECIATE your time to contribute any money that you can to the Annual Southfield Reunions, especially in the Economy as it is today..! The Pictures are being worked on, and the Website will be updated with them in about 6-8 weeks, so, please be patient until they are out there. Looking Forward to seeing everyone once again, Next July 2011!!! ....Mark
04/09/2010: Hello fellow Southfielders!!! It is almost time for yet another one of our FABULOUS REUNIONS!!!!! To help keep this great event going stronger, please PARTICIPATE in these wonderful FUND RAISERS to help pay for the costs of our Southfield Reunions!! We TRULY APPRECIATE your time to contribute any money that you can to the Annual Southfield Reunions, especially in the Economy as it is today..! Looking Forward to seeing everyone this July!!! ....Mark
12/29/2009: We hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas and from All the folks at the Southfield Reunion Committee, we wish everyone a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year!! This coming Summer, we are preparing for the BEST Southfield Reunion Ever for 2010!!! To help us get in the direction, we are looking for VENDORS to participate at the Southfield Reunion on Friday July 9th (ONLY). It will be a Pre-Reunion gathering. We are of need of Vendors who sell Food, Clothes, Jewelry, all types of items..! You MUST have PEDDLERS LISCENCE in order to sell items and if you're cooking anything, you have to be inspected by the fire department. If you're interested, please contact Robin Sinkler: 2480 Howey Rd/Columbus, Ohio 43211/614-268-9503/614-203-4369 southfieldreunion@yahoo.com. There will be more information to come...! Robin
11/07/2009: Thank you to those who participated with us on our most recent Fund Raiser, a --BUS TRIP-- to the Grand Victoria Casino!! We came back with some WINNERS, some who broke even, some who lost, but ALL who had lots of fun!!! We look forward to MORE of YOU joining us on our next venture!! Our Black-Gift Book Fund Raiser ended last week Oct 30th, so we are sorry for those who missed out on those SPECTACULAR ORDERS!! Please continue to keep a look out for other FUND RAISERS through 2009-2010!! Thank you all and I will Provide more information to come...! Robin
09/19/2009: !!COMMITTEE MEETING NOTES!! We had a nice turn out of our recent Committee Meeting and if you couldn't make it that time, try to make the next one on: Oct 8, 2009 at Barnett Library (on Livingston Ave) at 6:00pm. We discussed a lot of good things, among them, the BUS TRIP!! We still have 10 seats left that need to be sold on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE Basis!! So, PLEASE let us know if you're interested...! We will be having our Krispy Creme donut sale once again! It will be towards the end of October. We also have started our African-American Cards & Calendar & More SALE!! So, Please contact any member of the committee for a book! I will provide a list of all the new committee members in Nov. to show all those who want to be a part of this wonderful event! Thank you now for Helping! This event, and more, couldn't happen without you…! THE SUGGESTION WISH LIST is an attachment with what we all came up with at our last Committee Meeting. Check it out, and you can all chime in on any others that you would like to see happen at the Next Reunion!! Also, remember we need you with your ideas to help pull it off successfully.......Robin
08/23/2009: 2009 SOUTHFIELD REUNION PICTURES ARE NOW POSTED!!!!! Enjoy all the FUN!!! See if YOU are in Any Of 'Em!!! ....Mark
08/23/2009: First off, let me say this... "THANK YOU ALL FOR ATTENDING the 2009 Southfield Reunion...!! For those who came before the rain, those who came during the rain, and for those who came after the rain. For all those who stayed the entire time, you will go down in History!!! Southfield you're the best!!!! I apologize in advance if I have your work email addresses and not your other personal email address as I may have missed someone; or if the address is wrong and it comes back. Please help us out by forwarding this email to anyone you know that is not on the list. Also, when you reply, please give me your name so I can attach it to the email. I'm not sure most times of who I'm emailing just by the email address. Please provide me your new email addresses and I will add it to the list. Now to the business at hand..... Next year will be our 10th year hosting the "SOUTHFIELD REUNION" and we want to do things different, BIGGER, L-O-N-G-E-R, and BETTER!!! The plans are not made as of yet but we do have our thoughts. In order to accomplish everything, we need funds...! We need money to come in B-I-G TIME!!! So, we will be having several FUND-RAISER Events through out the remainder of 2009 and in 2010. My hope is for everyone to participate in some form or manner. In October we are planning a bus trip to the Grand Victoria Casino...! The cost will be $35 per person. We have 45 seats to sell. We would like to fill it up fast and get a second one if possible. I'm attaching a flyer which has more information. All funds raised will go toward the 2010 Southfield Reunion. If you can't go and would still like to make a donation, volunteer for any of the other outings, you can contact me at: c/o Southfield Reunion, 2480 Howey Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43211, 614-268-9503 (h), 614-203-4369 (c), @ southfieldreunion@yahoo.com We look forward to hearing from you all. Thank you so much, Robin! CLICK HERE to check out the BUS TRIP to the GRAND VICTORIA CASINO!! So get ready Y'all, the 2010 Southfield Reunion is right around the corner once again, so let's act together soon!....... Mark
07/19/2009: 2009 SOUTHFIELD REUNION ROLLS ON!!!! Hello everybody!!! Last weekend, even though it rained, and RAINED HARD, it did NOT STOP our beloved SOUTHFIELD REUNION from GOING FORWARD!!! We are Very Proud 'Fielders, who just want to continue this fabulous event, no matter what….! I guess, the ONLY element that could have a chance, to STOP this tremendous occasion, is if we did NOT have enough FUNDS to pay for all the amenities that everyone loves and needs for this special gathering of friends, family, and loved ones. As we continue to move forward to keep this event going, and going STRONG, WE will NEED your SUPPORT! We will need $$-Donations-$$ from anybody, small or large, we will have many fund raisers, etc, to compile all the monies needed. As you all saw last weekend, even through the rain and wind, there were so many loyal and proud Southfielders, braving Mother-Nature, from the time it started, to the time it ended. It just shows the love and commitment for all of us to band together, to continue to make this happen. So, Please continue to Donate to contribute to this affair, for all of us to attend, each and EVERY YEAR:!!! With all this being said, we had ANOTHER FABULOUS TIME!!! There were people AGAIN, that I haven't seen in over 32 years!!! These are so many of the reasons, we just need to keep this VERY SPECIAL Community Gathering GOING STRONG!! All the Barbecue Aroma filling the air, All the Tents spread out showing all the Love, All the Kids playing and having fun, ALL the Entertainment, it just goes on and On and On…….then, don't forget the HEALTH FAIR event, the Day Before the Southfield Reunion….! Just wonderful!! So, please DONATE, to help to keep this running. Also, please bear with me, as I will have all the pictures edited, and web pages posted on the SouthfieldMessenger.com site within the next few weeks. We had a GREAT TIME, for all those that could attend, and for all those that couldn't, well, you MISSED a great one, BUT, you can ALWAYS look to make it NEXT year, as we do it UP, for the 10th ANNUAL SOUTHFIELD REUNION, 2010!!!.......Mark
07/04/2009: It's finally here, the time has come!! Both the Southfield Reunion and Health Fair begins this week! Don't miss out on our Annual neighborhood reunion…! Friday July 10 is the Health Fair at Marion Franklin Recreation from 10:00am until 2:00pm. A variety of screenings and door prizes. Lunch will be served on a first come basis. Free chair massages. Saturday July 11 is the Annual Reunion from 9:00am until Dark. B.Y.O.E. Just a few reminders, We still have a few T-Shirts available if your interested. Call me 203-4369 or 395-1656 to place order. (Just say you want to place a t-shirt order) Come early to choose your spots. Be mindful of the "roped off areas" when setting up. We need to make space for the new arrangement and designated areas needed for the set up of the Reunion. Remember DO NOT PUT YOU COALS OUT IN THE GRASS OR TREES. If drinking other types of beverages we will provide cups. We will also provide additional trash bags and boxes for clean up. CLICK HERE to check out the Southfield Reunion 2009 FLYER!! So get ready Y'all, the 2009 Southfield Reunion is right around the corner!.......Robin
06/20/2009: !!!! IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL SOUTHFIELDERS !!!! All Entertainment and Volunteers Meeting Monday June 22nd At the Livingston Ave Library (Barnett & Livingston) @ 6:30PM. Also, as you all know, it's getting close again for the Southfield Reunion Saturday July 11 and the HEALTH FAIR on FRIDAY the 10th From 10am to 2pm / LOCATION: Marion Franklin Recreation Center and we have a lot of exciting events coming up!! We are inviting everyone to be a part of this wonderful heartfelt event! We love all the components that the Southfield Reunion have, including the STAGE, KIDS ZONE, ENTERTAINMENT, etc….Unfortunately due to the economy, funding has been cut back and we won't have some of the sponsors we normally have. This would mean, we may NOT be able to provide you one of those wonderful components that we all cherish. Because of this we are in need of your financial contribution to help with the continued success of the reunion. Our financial needs consist of each of these components: [Stage $1,200.00, Liability $800.00, Kids Zone $1,700.00, Sound $1,500, and Security $2,000] for a Total of all components equalling $7,200.00 Please help us by sending your donations of any amount to Southfield Reunion c/o Robin Sinkler 2480 Howey Rd Columbus, Ohio 43211. We will be having several fund raisers throughout the next couple of months to help defray these costs, so please plan to attend and support our efforts to raising this important money We will have T-Shirts, only on a paid in advance basis. By all means, if any of you have any suggestions, we are open. But, please hurry with any decision you make, as time is getting close. We need everyone's help this year please. You can contact Robin Sinkler by phone @ 614-268-9503, 614-428-3294 or by email southfieldreunion@yahoo.com. Please send all donations to Robin's Contact info. Thank you so much. ....Mark
01/15/2009: HAPPY 2009 NEW YEAR TO ALL YOU 'FIELDERS!! To continue to keep our Fabulous Annual SOUTHFIELD REUNION so Gratifying for all of us, we are seeking out TOP NOTCH Singers, Dancers, Rappers, Comedians, and [Bands featuring R&B, Jazz, & Gospel]. Please notify us of any Talent you may be aware of so we can look to schedule them at the Reunion…! We are also seeking additional Volunteers for both the HEALTH-FAIR and the REUNION. With all the good Food around, all the great familiar faces around, and all the Great ENTERTAINMENT around, our Reunions will continue to be a wonderful SOUTHFIELD COMMUNITY EVENT drawing each of us all together every year…! ....Mark
12/27/2008: "Southfield Reunion meetings will begin January 2009"!!! If interested in being a part of the 2009 Reunion committee or as a Volunteer member, please contact Robin Sinkler @ southfieldreunion@yahoo.com or call Robin @ 614-268-9503. What should the theme for the 2009 southfield reunion day be? Who can come up with the best idea? Come with your creative ideas...! Also, if you have ideas for the design of the 2009 T-shirts, please send all information to the southfieldreunion email address. If you would like something special at the reunion give me your ideas. Look forward to hearing from you soon ....Thanks, Robin
08/16/2008: Thank you to everyone that came to the Southfield Reunion 2008...! We had another great time...! We proved that the Southfielders know how to have a good time even in the rain! I was so glad that most everyone stayed and even more came during the rain…! We were able to showcase all but two of our groups and next year (GOD WILLING) we will showcase those two groups to make up for this year. To those who traveled the farthest, I do have your plaques and based off those who registered, we will determine who the two people are and send those plaques out to you. Also, THANK YOU to all of our sponsors, donators and VOLUNTEERS!! We tip our hats off to all of you. The kids were the highlight this year. They came out in record number and won terrific prizes! So, I look forward to more coming next time...! Until then..... P.S. If you're interested in being a part of the committee, please contact me. Let me know soon. We will have three meetings to end out 2008. In Sept, Oct and Nov. Hope to see you at these upcomming meetings…! On our fabulous committe members, it goes without saying, words can not express how your dedication helped pave the way for your contributions to this annual event.... I would like to share my gratitude to the following: [Vicky Walters, Shirleen Anderson, Homer Johnson, Anita Jackson, Duane Scott, Mark Powell]...:0) To all the many VOLUNTEERS, we can't thank you enough for all your sacrifices and giving of your time! We look forward to you working with us again...! The *wrap up* meeting will be in September , so, look for a phone call soon...! And, to ALL the ENTERTAINERS, WOW, you were ALL so AWESOME!!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! We wish that we could repay you for ALL your Hard Work...! To all the following Sponsors: [Boyd Barber Shop, Superior Die Tool, The Drug Store, Coca Cola, Georgia Pacific, B&M Carry Out, Mihem Carry Out, Marion-Franklin Civic Association, Marion-Franklin Recreation Center, Neighborhood Partnership (Parks & Rec), Columbus Foundation (United Way), Olde Southside Partnership, Hope Methodist Church (Pastor Dunbar), The Mosely Family, The Jackson and Board Family, Mark Powell, and Patsy Thomas], we thank YOU so very MUCH!! .....Chairperson (Robin Sinkler)
08/02/2008: 2008 SOUTHFIELD REUNION PICTURES ARE NOW POSTED!!!!! Have fun with 'em!!!! ....Mark
07/15/2008: Well my fellow 'Fielders, we had yet ANOTHER FABULOUS time this past weekend at the 2008 SOUTHFIELD REUNION!! They just continue to get better, and better, and BETTER!!! I saw people I hadn't seen in over 36 years!!! This is how we do it!! The Sweet smell of BARBECUE, 3-on-3 Basketball tournaments, Kids Play Zone, Horseshoes, Volley Ball, Entertainment on the Stage, and MUCH MORE, just made this another SPECTACULAR EXTRAVAGANZA!!! FOR THOSE THAT MISSED OUT TRY TO ATTEND the 2009 SOUTHFIELD REUNION!! So, come one, come all, come next year, and be ready to PARDY HARDY, and Enjoy all the familiar and unfamiliar faces in the crowd of fellow 'Fielders!! 2008 Pictures will be posted in the next 2 weeks, so, stay tuned! ....Mark
05/21/2008: Hello Everybody!! Are you ready for the 2008 Southfield Reunion coming this July 12th!!! Well, it's almost upon us once again, and we are all excited for yet another all day Long Festive occasion!! T-Shirt SALES are starting up again, And just like last year, we want you all to continue to be HEALTHY to enjoy all these annual Southfield Reunions, SO, we have in place a FREE HEALTH SCREENING!! Just go a Day BEFORE the REUNION, and take advantage of this precious FREE SCREENING!! Getting a Health Screening is so VERY IMPORTANT for all the brothas and sistahs from the 'Field, and everywhere else. We lost a brother named "Eric Baskerville" recently, and this death could have been avoided, if he would have had a simple check up.....Please everybody, take full advantage of this wonderful opportunity, as it could save a LIFE:-) It is just so nice, to ensure, we are all living a healthy life and to continue to being physically able to seeing one another at these memorable events each year...! To read a FLYER on the T-Shirt Sales, the FREE HEALTH SCREENING, and some SURPRISES, CLICK HERE! So get ready Y'all, the 2008 Southfield Reunion is right around the corner!.......Mark
01/17/2008: "ENTERTAINMENT for the 2008 SOUTHFIELD REUNION NEEDED"!!! If any of our 'Fielders know of some talented individuals, that are wanting to perform in front of the greatest neighborhood folks in the land on another spectacular SR, please send your emails to southfieldreunion@yahoo.com or call Robin @ 614-268-9503 to provide the needed info so we can schedule them to perform this coming July!! ....Mark
01/09/2008: Well y'all, our meetings are going very well!! We still need more "New Comers" so, please come and join in on these meetings, the more the merrier...! We are always looking for more interested people to come out to the meetings, so, come ye fellow Southfielders...! Bring all ideas and plans on how to make it work!! Think of an area-of-interest to be ready to step in. Please contact a Committee member for further details. Our Next Scheduled meeting is Saturday January 19 @1:30 pm at the Linden Library on Cleveland Avenue. We look forward to seeing some new faces....Mark!
11/16/2007: I want to thank everyone who has attended the 3 meetings that were held in September, October, and November to help plan for the 2008 meetings...! We have had 2 fund raisers so far and I would like to thank all those who purchased items, and/or have helped sell them...! We had 1 fund raiser for Warm Delicious CRISPY CREME DONUTS that went over very well!!!! Look for the next sell. (get them from Robin or Martha) We also are finishing the Holiday items sell...! We are planning to have a Gospel brunch this fall...! We are looking for helpers and people to attend, so if your interested please contact any member of the Reunion committee or call me 268-9503. We are also planning a Valentines Day dance in February if we get a good response. So let me hear from you if you want to attend. And there are LOTS of other sales, activities, and events that are being planned, and some are going on currently, so, come one and come all, to join in any of these festive occasions!! To view more info on the current Fund Raisers, Please visit Here The next meeting will be held in January. If interested, please give me a call. Thanks, and, Happy Holiday's!!!:-)) .....Robin
08/30/2007: Hello everyone!! I sure hope that you had as much fun as I did this year at the Southfield Reunion. "I get people coming to me saying that they want to be a part and nobody lets them know when, where and time of the meetings" So this is the first notice. Also, people each year tell me they want T-shirts and we order T-shirts but we end up with several at the end. So, this year if you want t-shirts please let me know in advance. We will begin to take orders in January. If we don't have a response then we will only order for the committee and those who do respond. Also, we will be having a few fund raisers coming up to help raise money, PLEASE, PLEASE respond and participate. I'm looking forward to having as many of you that will attend these meeting come, so that we will continue to be the best Neighborhood Reunion in History. This year there were 3 other festivals going on at the same date & time as the Southfield Reunion. I was told by the City officials that our Reunion had more people in attendance than all three put together and they didn't get there until after 6:00pm. So, that says that we are great Neighborhood and can come together in big style with no troubles. I'm proud to be a part of such a great event and neighborhood. Keep Coming!!!! I also want to THANK EVERYBODY for the effort that was put forth with cleaning up the park. WONDERFUL JOB!!!!! we still have a little way to go with getting people to put their trash in the trash cans, but this year was the best out of the last 6 years. A dumpster will be provided for next year. The following schedule shows 3 dates for the remainder of 2007 for meetings to join in with us to plan for the 2008 Southfield Reunion. The Dates are as follows: The SATURDAY Date/Time/Locations are as follows: [09-15-07 / 1:00pm / Parsons Ave. Library], [10-06-07 / 1:00pm / Livingston Ave Branch at Barnett], [11-03-07 / 1:30pm / at the Linden Park Library] If you have any questions email me at southfieldreunion@yahoo.com, felicia.sinkler@citi.com or call me at 268-9503 or 203-4369. When you respond via email please indicate your name. All I have is your email address I don't know who I'm responding to. As always we are accepting monetary donations of all amounts. Lots of Good Stuff in store for 2008, so, don't miss out and come and help us Plan! Thanks Robin Sinkler
08/05/2007: 2007 SOUTHFIELD REUNION PICTURES ARE NOW POSTED!!!!! The Pictures are a 'tad late due to my having to relocate to Arkansas recently...! You all know how "Moving" can be....! Nevertheless, they are NOW READY for your viewing pleasure, have fun with 'em!!!! ....Mark
07/23/2007: Another GREAT Southfield Reunion is in the books!!! I want to thank everyone for coming to the 2007 Southfield Reunion. It was once again proved that we can come together as a family and have a great time without any violence. We are looking forward to another year of the same on July 12, 2008 of next year! Thanks to everyone for keeping their area clean and helping to keep our children safe. I need your feed back this year on what your looking for next year. Please drop me a few lines of what you thought about the past and this years reunion. Send it to southfieldreunion@yahoo.com or mail it to my home address SouthfieldReunion c/o Robin Sinkler 2480 Howey Rd. Columbus, Ohio 43211. We would love to hear what you have to say. I still have T-shirts from past reunions and this reunion for sale. Let me know if you would like to purchase one at a discount price. The committee wants to say "Thank You All" for another wonderful Reunion. .....Chairperson (Robin Sinkler)
07/21/2007: 2007 "SOUTHFIELD REUNION" PICTURES WILL BE COMPLETED SOON, so, BE ON THE LOOKOUT!!! It was yet ANOTHER fabulous time out there last Saturday, July 14th, as it was so enjoyable to see so many familiar faces having a good ole time with each other, talking and laughing and smiling and picnicking, and checking out all the Stage Entertainment!! So, Next year, we look to do it once again:-) ....Mark
07/12/2007: Hello Everybody!! Are you ready for the 2007 Southfield Reunion this Saturday!! Well, it's almost upon us once again, and we are all excited for another all day Long Fun Filled extravaganza!! As you all are so aware by now, every year, a new "THEME" is developed. All the "thought" process is conjured up from the callaboration of the "Olde Southside Community Partnerships and Southfield Community Members. This Year's "THEME" is: "It's About Strengthening, Kinship, Friendship, So......LET'S STAY TOGETHER!!" And THIS year, we want you all to be HEALTHY to enjoy these annual Southfield Reunions, SO, we have in place a FREE HEALTH SCREENING a Day BEFORE the REUNION!! Please take advantage of this, as it is always so nice, to ensure, we are all healthy to continue to seeing one another...! Also, for all our beloved viewing audience who wish to know HOW the REUNIONS all got started, and to see just HOW FAR we have GROWN, since our INITIAL Reunion back in 2000, we hope to have some document soon, that will enlighten you, on all aspects, of this great event held each and every year, and what it takes, to continue to be so Successful. As always, after the Reunion is over on Saturday, please be patient for a few weeks until the Pictures have been edited and posted.........Mark

05/26/2007: !!! To ALL BUSINESS OWNERS and Charitable Southfielders !!! To help keep our wonderful, enthusiastic, and heart warming annual "SouthField Reunions" to continue to run strong with so many exciting "EXHIBITS", including our "WONDERFUL ENTERTAINMENT STAGE", we are prayerfully asking for your Donations. Your new and continued Donations, will provide a Strong "Backbone" for this wonderful event, for MANY YEARS TO COME!! Click here to see REUNION UPDATE Information along with checking out the "breakdown" list, of specific Donations, that you can contribute to! For all your Donations, Please mail them to: Southfield Reunion c/o Robin Sinkler 2480 Howey Rd Columbus, Oh 43211 Or call 614-268-9503. The 2007 Southfield Reunion is set for the 2nd Saturday in July. July 14th. B.Y.O.E. Starts @ 9:00 am until Dark. Lots of fun and entertainment is being planned, and all Business Owner Donations, will play a MAJOR ROLL, to the Overrall Success, of the Annual Southfield Reunions!! To ALL Business Owners, and to ANYONE else who chooses to Donate, we Thank You ALL in advance for any donations,,,,,, Robin [Chairperson]

05/12/2007: THEY'RE BACK!!! PRE-ORDER Your 2007 SOUTHFIELD REUNION T-SHIRTS RIGHT NOW!!!! Y'all better hurry up and start to order 'em, as they go FAST!! Everybody looks good with them on showing UNITY, and, all Proceeds contribute to YOUR SOUTHFIELD REUNIONS!! Selling Pick Up Dates/Times/Location are: [06-02-07/10am - 12noon/Marion Franklin Rec Center] & [06-09-07/10am - 12noon/Fairwood and Watkins] Please PRE-ORDER HERE!
03/15/2007: !!! IMPORTANT !!! Please ENTER your First Name and Last Name, when adding your CONTACT info! If I ONLY get your email address, I do NOT know who you are...:-) Thanks so much! ....Mark
01/30/2007: !!!! ATTENTION ALL SOUTHFIELDERS !!!! 2007 IS NOW UPON US, AND WE NEED TO START GETTING READY FOR THIS YEAR'S SUMMER SOUTHFIELD REUNION on JULY 14th !!!! Fund raisers are now on the way and being organized to bring in $$ to help support the functions of the annual reunions…! The committee team is putting together a Bus Trip for CASINO gambling on FEBRUARY 17th!! The Cost will be $35.00 per person for the round trip bus fare. More information will follow in time concerning this venture, so, stay tuned! For right now, you may contact either Carolyn Banks or Shirleen Anderson both @ Marion-Franklin Recreation Center. Also, our annual CAR WASHES are being organized and scheduled, so, check the postings daily for more updates! In addition to these Fund Raisers, we also will be having our PRE T-Shirt Order Sales!! So, for all those that are interested, just contact any committee member: [Shirleen Johnson, Martha Jones, Homer Johnson, Kahn Thigpen, Vicki Walters, Duane Scott, Anita Jackson, Penny Taylor, Yours Truly (at the website), or our fearless leader of all, Robin Sinkler…! We will be mailing out our annual letters soon, and this time, per family, we ask for a $10.00 donation. This will help support the expense of the KIDS ZONE format amongst other SR activities…! If any of you 'Fielders out there wish to make your donations NOW, please mail them to: Robin Sinkler, C/o Southfield Reunion, 2480 Howey RD, Columbus, Ohio 43211. Yes, it is Almost time once again, for another festive occasion to see all the familiar & not-so-familiar faces, but first, we all need to get the funds together, to support this great and wonderful occasion for us all…..! Flyers will be coming soon along with the Letter Mailings, so, stay tuned for further details .....Mark
01/16/2007: !!!! ATTENTION ALL SHOPPERS !!!! A Chartered BUS has been arranged to DEPART to NEW YORK / NEW JERSEY, for 2-NIGHTS, for a Fun-Filled and exciting LABOR DAY WEEKEND of shopping at some very notable and reasonably-priced merchandise outlets!! This is a once-in-a-while deal that rarely comes around!! You will be shopping at some very distinguished New York arenas: African Flea Market, Manhattan Garment District, China Town, and the Jersey Garden Outlet Mall amongst other fine stores!! There will also be an 'Optional' lunch (cruise) the next day to provide some great food for all the shopping travelers who would like to participate!! This Bus Trip and all the shopping that will go along with it promises to be a fun filled extravaganza!! For further details on the cost and logistics of this venue, please check out this flyer...! If you have any additional questions to ask, please email Bevelyn Carter (Bing) at avalina@netzero.net or give her a call at 614-863-3842. This is a NON-REFUNDABLE venture, so, please be aware of this, as the people in charge need to have all money delivered on time. Mark
10/18/2006: "!!!ATTENTION!!! Volunteers NEEDED For Help On The Next 2007 SOUTHFIELD REUNION!!! We are also looking for people to being "Committed to being on the Committee"....! These Annual "Southfield Reunions" are a wonderful enjoyment for all of us , as we all look forward each and every year to meet and greet old acquaintances, along with enjoying all the Provided Entertainment and other Surprises...! However, to make this all happen, it takes a lot of work from "Committed Individuals", united for the 'Cause'...! With this being said, we would Love to hear from anybody out there from the 'Field, to VOLUNTEER for Help at the 2007 SR or, to become a Committed SR Committee Member!. If anyone is interested in either one, please contact Robin Sinkler at Felicia.Sinkler@bisys.com / southfieldreunion@yahoo.com [268-9503 or 428-3294] ,,,, Just recently, the first meeting went very well, as we received a couple of 'new' people to help us out for next year!! We're sill looking for more people though. So, come 1, come ALL to the next Southfield Reunion Meeting commencing: Saturday November 4th at the Parson Ave Library Branch from 1:00 to 3:00 pm.We will be giving out assignments to those who will be helping. Please come on time, so that we can have a very productive meeting...! Soon after the November Meeting, the start of working on future meetings will begin in January 2007. Thank you in advance...! ....Robin
10/01/2006: HEY Y'ALL, IT's TIME for the KING again!! GET YOUR PRO HOOPS TICKETS here & attend a COOL BUS TOUR to the GAME!!!! LEBRON JAMES and the CLEVELAND CAVALIERS ...vs... SUNS, PISTONS, HEAT, & LAKERS !!! CHOOSE AMONG 4-GAMES in which to Go To!! Game-1 (Sunday Jan 28, 2007) ,Game-2 (Sunday Feb 4, 2007), Game-3 (Friday Feb 9, 2007), & Game-4 (Sunday Feb 11, 2007) AT THE "Q" QUICKEN ARENA IN CLEVELAND / PAYMENT of $110.00 is DECEMBER 29, 2006!!! Get 'em while they last!! Check out Brotha' Jeff Woods Flyer for all the Details!! ......Mark
07/30/2006: 2006 "SOUTHFIELD REUNION" PICTURES ARE NOW COMPLETED!!! Check 'em out HERE ....Mark
03/22/2006: Well, for all those who missed out, the "Annual SR Casino Bus trip" was a HIT !!! We had a great time!! We laughed and joked all the way down and back :-) :-) We gave away another DVD player, a TV, and a CD walkman...! We also had some VERY LUCKY casino winners in our group...! They bought back a lot of that Indiana $loot$ !!! Keep watching these annoucements...PEACE and much more SOUTHFIELD LOVE...Carol
01/10/2006: MARION-FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL, SETS SAIL on--------> CRUISE#2!!!! [WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8th, 2006] In the near future, there will be a cruise party Meet & Greet coming up, so, stay tuned on that! If you are interested please let Vicky know. For more info on this spectacular extravaganza, please CHECK OUT [vjwalters1706@sbcglobal.net / (614) 239-8546]Vicky (Sutton) Walter's CABIN RESERVATION Word Document and also the Cruise Itinerary .....Mark
10/07/2005: The "Committee" is Doing-it-Again!! We once again have those beautiful and inspirational African American: Calendars/Xmas Cards/Greeting Cards/Checkbook Holders/Figurines/Journals and Magnets for sale! To order, please contact any (SR) Committee Member, or hit us up at Southfieldreunion@yahoo.com. One of us will be sure to get back to you ASAP...! Of course, all proceeds go towards the 2006 Southfield Reunion. Don't miss out again on these beautiful items!! They sell pretty quick, as lots of people jus luv 'em! Help us to keep the SRs going. Every little FUND-RAISER helps, and it's never too late to donate...! Peace and much "Southfield Love" - Carol ...oh, before I forget, for all those who are looking for some wonderful cosmetic gifts, for Men, Women, and Children, please check out my Video and Website on the Local Sites COOL LINKS web page...!
07/28/2005: The Reunion is set again, for July 8, 2006!! I want to thank first of all, the committee and all the volunteers...! For without these persons, it would impossible to pull off such a wonderful event. I want to also thank all the people that donated money, products, stage, water, hot dogs, buns etc.. to help make this a success. To all the entertainment, I first want to say "I apologize for the scheduling of your time". There were a lot of problems that day that didn't allow for a smooth run. Safety First Band I want to I apologize to you especially, because you all were there most of the day and your time was cut very very short while still on duty and volunteering your time. I will make this up in some way. To all the people that came, thank you again, because our estimation says we reached an all time high of about 3000 people that came in and out for the day. YES!!!! Unfortunately there were some problems later in the day that caused some issues to arise. However, that has not put a damper on our day. Hopefully the family of those individuals will keep them away or talk with them to prevent it again. So, see you all AGAIN on July 8, 2006........! Robin Sinkler (Chairperson)
07/20/2005: Well, what can I say y'all, we had ANOTHER FABULOUS TIME, as we recently CELEBRATED the 5th Anniversary of the ANNUAL SOUTHFIELD REUNION!!!! I just can't say enough for the effort put forth from all the committee members in making this yet another incredible Reunion Celebration!! I would also like to thank all the additional Helpers who assisted in helping this event be so successful!! The Unfortunate situation near the end WILL NOT deter the Southfield Reunion from going forward!! We are all determined to make this work..! These reunion gatherings, they are so wonderful for us all, to see old faces, some familiar, some not, some we haven't seen in many years….You can see the smiles on all the faces showing the love we have for one another…We have to continually make this Reunion work y'all…….! So, for right now, ENJOY YOURSELVES, and CHECK OUT THE COOL PICS, FROM THE 5TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE 2005 SOUTHFIELD REUNION!!!!....Mark
06/12/2005: C O O L - - L I N K S, something for Everybody...!   Check out the COOL LINKS web page, there are LOTS of Nice Links in which to choose from for your liking! There are both 'Local' and 'National' LINKS on this site. If any viewer has any of their own LINKS to add, just lemme know! CLICK HERE for COOL LINKS Web Page!
05/19/2005: A BIG SHOUT OUT to Everyone who participated with the Bus Trip Fund-Raiser to Wheeling WV!!!   Everyone had a great time!! Although there was a little scare at the beginning, everyone still came through with HEAVY-POCKETS and Big Smiles!! I would like to thank my hard working committee persons Carol Mitchell for all her tireless efforts of putting this bus trip together. Her co-worker and sister on the bus Nicole for managing right along side of Carol. Thanking Martha Jones for greeting and meeting with bus riders early in the AM. Kudos also out to Homer Johnson for his support on the trip. One of his invitees won the raffled DVD player. Kudos to all who supported this fund raiser from your.... chairperson, Robin Sinkler
05/15/2005 THE BUS TRIP WAS A HIT !!: Quite a few of us bought home some WVA loot $$$, and of course, the paid seating on the bus proceeds go toward the SR, (every LAST dime!!) We had a ball!! Wait till you see the pics!!! Wheeling Island is the BOMB!! Nice CASINO, Dog-Racing was fun, and GREAT FOOD! For y'all that couldn't make it, Sorry ya missed out! We laughed and partied all the way down and back! The Committee provided good ole school music and ole school movies! The SR Committee also provided a continental breakfast as well as snacks for the trip. A HUGE Shout-Out goes to '89 Grad Nicole Mitchell, SR Committee members Martha Jones and Homer Johnson for helping me get this trip off without a hitch...! I couldn't have done it without their help. I love you all and to everyone else, don't miss the next trip! It promises to be the bomb as well. Stay tuned to this site for more details on future events...! Peace and Much Southfield Love, ........... Carol
03/15/2005 THANKS VOLUNTEERS!!: We'd like to give a Big "Shout - Out" to ALL the VOLUNTEERS that showed up for the meeting this past Saturday!! We have a wonderful hard working crew now started but we will still need more volunteers to help out in this "2005-Special Anniversary" (SR) ...! If you're interested, come join us by contacting us at: southfieldreunion@yahoo.com ........... Robin
01/31/2005 Southfield Reunion Fund Raiser Info Updated: Please check out the updated page to Fund-Raising Events. These Event Activites are organized to help pay for the REUNION costs, and hey, every little bit helps, can ya dig it!! The SR Skate party was a success despite the very bad weather! If you weren't there, you missed "a whole lot of fun!!" We had quite a few of ole-school "pearlers" there that have still "got it!" The kids enjoyed themselves as well!! Of course, the SR committee awarded an awesome door prize to a friend of Cheryl Henderson's daughter! She was so elated with the prize...! It could have been anyone of y'all who didn't make it!! Never miss our fundraising events! They are well worth the time and effort. Of course, we come correct "SOUTHFIELD STYLE." ....Mark
12/02/2004 ATTENTION!! (SR) Meetings Breakdown: Robin Sinkler (Chair) notes...................................... Hello everyone. I wanted to explain to our viewers why the meetings are set at different locations for those who have concern. We are trying to accommodate everyone. We all are either from Southfield or still in Southfield, and because of that, we will be moving the meetings to different locations. Hopefully this won't be a hindrance for you to attend the meetings. For we want everyone to be able to come. This year will be a little different concerning the number of meetings that you should attend. This will help to keep everyone up to date on things happening. These meetings will be open to everyone to come and give suggestions. We are involved with the following: [Volunteering, Committee Member Fund Raisers, Set up/ Clean up, etc...] These meetings will not be limited to just these areas, as those that have come to the Reunion over the years may have ideas they'd like to see happening...! If you do come, and perhaps think you'd like to be of some kind of assitance, but later on, you decide you won't be able to, Please let me know. However, if you DO wish to be of assistance of some kind, you MUST attend the meetings and be willing to work to help put this all together. The help is especially needed the Day of the Reunion to help make sure everything is in place and runs smoothly. I stress again, if you want to be a part of the committee, or have any ideas, please attend the announced Meetings. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 268-9503 (h) or 428-3294 (w). Thank you.
12/02/2004 R U an Aspiring Rapper/R&B artist? If you are between the ages of 13 - 18 and would like to start a career in Entertainment, aka "Rashard" or "Bow-wow", by doin' some RAPPIN', SINGIN', RECORDINGS, or WRITING, and would like to get the training you need to succeed, then please email CHRIS POWELL (Striving To Achieve Real Success, the S.T.A.R.S Program) at cpstar4@juno.com or, give him a call at 372-0114. [Free Program for Teens, 3-Recording Studios, Studio Time also Available!!]
12/02/2004 ATTENTION, new Band "The UniverSoul" is Looking for a Sax player, Keyboardist, and Female vocalist!! If you're the right talent for this gig , or, know someone else who is, please email Ossie Harris at: rokcitymusicgroup@myspace.com or, call him at 614-622-2246 / or Mike at 614-404-7353 to arrange for Auditions. Some of the music they mix consists of: Funk, Blues and Rock, songs from War, Tower of Power, Steely-Dan, Parlament-funkadelic, Rick James, Stanley Clark, and of course lots of original tunes from Ossie's upcomming cd!
10/20/2004 Southfielder voices her appreciation for the Annual Southfield Reunion get together! Excerpts from Connie Jones ..................... "As I was able to attend the reunion this year, I would like to express what a great time I had. It was so good to see all of our old school friends and neighbors that I had not seen in awhile. To see everyone’s children, and grandchildren. (Some of us are getting pretty old!) I think that this event is so wonderful, and I would like to thank all of those that put forth the effort to keep it alive, I think the web sight is also very informative, not every community has the wonderful friends and the closeness as we Southfielders do. I never realized it until I go back to these reunions, and see and feel the love and joy of everyone shares. Once again, I thank you, and may God continue to bless each and every one of us and keep us until we see each other again....Love to all, Connie Jones" (the former Connie Wright!)
09/06/2004 ATTENTION!! If ANY viewers see ANY "inapproriate" wording placed on ANY sent-in Yearbook Picture, please email me (with the Picture No.) at mpowel8@columbus.rr.com When other people let me borrow their Yearbooks to be scanned in for the website, there are times when the wording on somebody just aint too good, if ya know what I mean...! So, I go ahead and 'try' to Proof-Read 'em as best as I can and as Fast as I can. Unfortunately, I can't catch 'em all....!
09/04/2004 (SR) COMMITTEE MEETING ORGANIZATION: Southfield Reunion (SR) Committee meetings are for those who are interested in being on the committee or just simply volunteering for any Fund-Raiser Activity. Southfielders can also help out, for the "CAUSE", by participating in the many fund raiser events planned! In addition to this, as in the past, the SR committe also accepts donations and sponsorships to continue to help make these Reunion a success! Donations are asked of at least $30, but they'll accept what you are willing to donate. For more information, please contact Robin Sinkler at: southfieldreunion@yahoo.com
08/25/2004: 1975 Marion-Franklin HS Yearbook Pictures are Now Posted!!!  A Big Shout out to my daughter Aandrea for all her assistance in getting the '75-Yearbook completed! CLICK HERE to check it out!....Mark
07/27/2004: MORE SOUTHFIELD REUNION PICTURES ARE NOW POSTED!!!!! Viewer Jakki Byrd Has sent in her collection of pictures taken from the Southfield Reunion Festivities held on Saturday July 10 2004!!! Please Check 'em out!! Be on the Lookout for MORE PICTURES in due time...! A BIG Shout-OUT to my daughter Aandrea Powell for editing MANY Picture Images sent in and also placing them in their respective Web pages...! Also, Carol "Fancy" Mitchell is looking for a video of the "Triple Threat" performance. Carol will pay for copying, etc. Please contact Carol at: Fancy722@wideopenwest.com ASAP. Somehow, the Mitchell family's camcorder went on the blink! It is reported that a lady in an orange shirt was videotaping "Triple Threat" but no one knows who she is. Got any ideas? Help us locate anyone who may have this on tape. ...........Mark
07/21/2004: 2004 SOUTHFIELD REUNION PICTURES ARE NOW POSTED!!!!! The Pictures are a 'tad late due to some Internet Difficulties my PC was involved with!@#$%^!@&*&#^!!! Nevertheless, them bad boys is READY!!!! Everyone that has sent me their pictures to be posted, don't worry, I'll be getting to them in due time...! Also, if anybody has a LOT of pictures to email me, please try and place them in a ZIP file. That way, I can open 1 and download 1 File, instead of having to select one-at-a-time..And, don't be surprised if I mispelled somebody's name, or had the incorrect name altogether, those things are gonna happen, can ya dig it ha ha ha ha!! Just Email me those change(s) and I will fix 'em.....We all had a 'blast' on Saturday July 10, 2004, and the look on all our faces SHOW IT!!! HAVE FUN WITH THE PICTURES AND STAY TUNED FOR MORE OF 'EM!!!!......Mark
07/12/2004: THANKS EVERYONE!!! The Southfield Reunion Committee wishes to thank "EVERYONE" for all your hard work and dedication toward the success of another fun filled, DRAMA FREE day on 07/10/04!! We "LOVE" you and we are ALREADY at work with plans for the big "FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY" reunion coming the second week of July 2005...! If you took a long look around you on this past Saturday, you saw nothing but LOVE and CONFIRMATION that "It does takes a village to raise a child!" Just Stay tuned to this site--> www.southfieldmessenger.com every chance you get! YOUR 2004 SR Pictures will soon be loaded with all the smiles and laughs from 07/10/04!! This site will continue to update y'all on current news and events of our "Southfield Reunion" plans. Mark this site as a favorite and visit often.... Much Peace and Plenty of Blessings and Southfield Love,..YOUR Southfield Reunion Committee Members
7/11/2004 SOUTHFIELD REUNION UPDATE: The 2004 Southfield Reunion Extravaganza III is now over, and it was yet ANOTHER SLAM-DUNK/FABULOUS/EYE-POPPING/JOYOUS REUNION Celebration we all had on Saturday July 10th, 2004..!! More and More People showed up that weren't here the First 2 years which made this one have a "Special Flavor" for those that have made it out here the last 2 years!!! Each Year Continues to show more suprises with MANY Ole-Skool 'Fielders coming back to town to participate in this Glorius Event!!! Just like Last year, the STAGE and it's ACCOUSTIC System provided the wonderous sounds of all the Performing Acts along with the DJ's Cool-Poppin' Sounds!!! At first we got a few 'rain drops', but, AGAIN, The Weather held up and that's all it took to make this yet another Unforgettable day...! A big Shout-Out AGAIN to all the Southfield Reunion Organizing Committee Members for their great effort and planning...!! They do SO MUCH work behind the scenes that go into to making this Venture GO!!! This year, we had more games and items for the kids which made this 2004 Reunion even that much better!! The Smell of Barbecue and the Smiles on People's Faces were all around this Beautiful day!! Just a grand ol' time!! Because of people's obvious schedules, some ol-Skool 'Fielders just couldn't make it....BUT, don't feel too bad, cause, there's ALWAYS NEXT YEAR in 2005!!! PLEASE CHECK OUT MY PICTURES FROM THE 2004 REUNION in about a WEEK!! I will be busy editing them and preparing them for the web pages. As others send me their pictures, I'll add them to this site...!! Again, what a GREAT TIME WE ALL HAD ON SATURDAY!!! We'll do it again NEXT Year!!.........Mark
04/26/2004 Need Production Recording work done? For any work regarding Recording work done, please email brother O.C. (Charles) Harris for a total pre-production recording at rokcitymusicgroup@myspace.com A "Rockcitystudios" venture, by Appointment only.......Dig this also... Thanks Columbus, your response has been great! So far, 15 bands have signed up to make our space theirs, if you don't know yet, a new hall will be opening soon. Located on the Northwest side of town, with security-gates, great parking, and most all of your needs. You can leave your gear or take it home, it's your choice! Rates are as low as $15.00 per hour, we have JBL PA Systems and if you want, you can rent our gear. Don't want to unload those drums? Leave them and use ours! We are doing the best to bring you the best in Space, Gear, and rates. The West and East coast bands have used these types of halls for years and now its here. No more cold and dark rental units, mom's basement, or [Joe's garage], you now will have a good, clean and safe place to play! We rent by the hour, day, week, or month. Want to leave your gear? No problem! Our lock-Out rooms provide you with the space you need, when you need it, and it's a Private room! You have the keys and just you! Also, Preproduction-Recording? Yea we got that too! We will record your practice and give you the CD. Sweet! Oh yea, did I mention we also have a "Smokers lounge"! Hmm it's all here, so, don't miss out! Get your band on the list, it's free! Just use the above email address and give us your band info, contact person, Phone-Number, and we will get you a space ready. Lockout-Rooms are limited so act now! THIS JUST IN... ..O.C. announces "The Marriage of Ms. Juanita Jackson, Richmond VA to Mr. Oscar [Charles] Harris which occured on March 30th 2004...CONGRATULATIONS!!!
03/07/2004: Charles Harris (Local Musician) , Columbus Dispatch Interviews Chris Powell / Columbus Dispatch Pays Tribute to Kirk Bishop.
01/31/2004: Help Locate old-school mates!!   To help out in trying to find some of YOUR long lost school buds from "back-in-the-day", please check out the "Looking For" Page...! Mark
01/08/2004: There is now a 'NEW' Contact email address for anything concerning the Southfield Reunion.  All issues related to the reunion should then be addressed to southfieldreunion@yahoo.com via Robin Sinkler Also, the (SR) Committee has added an official address! It is "The Southfield Reunion" P.O.Box 77616 Columbus, Ohio 43207. Contact phone # will remain the same @ 614-268-9503 This new address will be on the mailing Letter come the mid-week of February 2004. PLEASE donate anything you can!
10/26/2003: Well, for all y'all out there who graduated in '73, and didn't show up last night, You Missed out as we celebrated our 30-Year Class Reunion Festivites at the Villa Milano!! Pictures are now Posted, so please check 'em out!...........Mark
10/10/2003 Southfield Reunion Mailing List: To get on the Southfield Reunion Mailing-List, please email Carol Mitchell at Fancy722@wideopenwest.com
08/13/2003: 1-1973 and 5-1974 Marion-Franklin Class REUNION Pictures have been sent in!! Select the 1973/1974 Links to check 'em out!! A big thanks to CAROL MITCHELL for helpin' a brotha out and scanning them in!!! Mark
08/08/2003: More 2003 Reunion Pictures are Now Posted!!! Duane Scott has sent in some Pictures he took at the recent Reunion, Have Fun!!....Mark
07/27/2003: 1973 Yearbook Pictures are Now Posted!!!  Because I GRADUATED in this class, I of course had to Include MORE pages in this section than ANY OTHER Yearbook!! Had to make sure '73 was WELL Represented!!! Enjoy 'em!!....Mark
2003 SOUTHFIELD REUNION UPDATE: Well, it was yet ANOTHER Magnificent REUNION Celebration we had this past Saturday July 12th..!! Just so nice to see yet another Big TURNOUT for those that made it this year!!! It seems like each year this thing gets bigger and Bigger and BIGGER!!! One of the big Surprises to this year's event was the Outside Stage Platform that was brought in and Set up....! This helped pave the way for Better placed Sound Equipment that provided superb Acoustical Rich Sound!! Man, like this place was Poppin and Crackin all day long!!! Just so nice to see all the people from Yester-year, back in the ol' Field....The Weather held up and that's all it took to make this yet another Unforgettable day...! A big Shout out to all the Organizing Committee for their great planning and it could only be better NEXT YEAR, JULY 10!! So, for all those that didn't make it This Year, Well, don't fret, cause there's ALWAYS NEXT YEAR!!! PLEASE CHECK OUT MY PICTURES FROM THE 2003 REUNION, they are NOW POSTED!! As other Brothers and Sisters send me their pictures, I'll be happy to add them to this site...!! Again, what a GREAT TIME WE ALL HAD ON SATURDAY!!! ....Mark
Viewer Tagalong asks: Where are Yearbooks from 1976, 1977, 1978, etc..? My reply: I now need additional Yearbooks to 'borrow' from someone because I've used up all my Yearbooks. Also, when I do receive other people's Yearbooks, I will 'RANDOMLY' select pictures and any 'personal' ones you'd wish, but unfortunately, NOT all of them due to a heavier workload and most IMPORTANTLY, the SPACE/STORAGE restrictions and Requirements that exist on the Server that Hosts my website.
Viewer WAMW25 sent me the 411 on a club he's no doubt checked out...! Thanks for the Info and please keep em comin' y'all...!!
More Miscellaneous Pictures were sent in, Please Check em' out!!
The 1979 Marion-Franklin Yearbook Pictures are now posted!!! Check them out!! Also, if any of you want to have some of your pictures posted, just send them to me in an email attachment and I'll get 'em out there under the Miscellaneous section....Thanks! Mark
The 1982 Marion-Franklin Yearbook Pictures are now posted!!! On 2003-REUNION Day no less!! Mark
07/21/2003 Southfielder Returns HOME!: Kim Roddy just moved back to Columbus recently from Detroit! You can reach her via email at kreaglesrock@yahoo.com
10/02/2003 Southfielder sets up New Barbershop!!: Brother Marlon Burton from the 'field has recently set up and opened a 'slick' Barber Shop this past August 12, 2003. It's located in the Marion Plaza next to the Laundry Mat on Lockbourne and Marion. The 'Touch & Agree' Barber Shop's address is 1226 Marion Road, with their phone number @ (614) 444-6500. They're open Tuesday - Friday 9:30 am - 6:00pm & Saturday 9:00am - 4:00pm - Closed on Monday. Wednesday is Senior Citizen Day, haircuts $6. There's also Booth Space available. For further information, please contact Rochelle Burton at: rochelle_burton@yahoo.com